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Our Services

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IP Surveillance – CCTV:
Being on top of the security system of anything that concerns you be it your asset and relations requires an upbeat and prevailing approach especially in the midst security turbulence, irrespective of your industry, status there is always something important to something that needs to be protected. An IP CCTV Surveillance acts a proficient video monitoring security systems that says the when, where and who in pictures making it possible to be at rest with security tendencies around you as the probability  that they can be handled and controlled is at a high per cent.
In ONESOURCE, because we understand the worth of your assets and relations as well as the catastrophe that comes with security disasters, we proffer solutions alongside world class brands in providing the optimum surveillance system that doesn’t just solve the problem but makes the difference – right on budget, convenient, expatriate advice in form of after sales.
Moreover, our global alliance with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) makes our promise of delivering on point solutions a reality that is complemented by the strong determination of the ONESOURCE Team to whom every project is a big deal.

Fire Detection and Alarm
Fire by all means remains a standing motivation to the rise of many modern inventions as counter agents, more than ever before there the value of structures can depreciates as result of an unnoticed fire spark that leads to an outbreak. Avoiding these incidents require calculated approaches thus Fire Detection and Alarm systems;
These systems enable and trigger a response to possible fire outbreaks alerting varying systems in place that can fight fire.
ONESOURCE, an integrating company provide solutions that enable a prompt detection then fighting and suppression mechanisms.
Our Global Partnership ensures that only the best of this equipment are installed on any given site by the ONESOURCE Team of Factory trained experts, making us an ideal source for fire detecting solution.

Fire Fighting and Suppression System
As a major complement to our fire detecting solutions, ONESOURCE provides the ultimate fire fighting and suppression solutions that targets and stops the fire in its track even before it’s capable of causing recognizable damages.
Our solution comes as applicable systems to Residential, Commercial as well as Industrial layouts.
Irrespective of the size we have you covered.

Access Control System
The ability to manage data in contrast to the measure of mobility that goes on within any given facility, calls for a coordinated and centralized means of monitoring and control referred to as Access Control system.
An Access Control System makes it easier and convenient to integrate data thereby raising a comprehensive database on persons and activities within your facility, guaranteeing utmost securityto restricted regions and access to accessible areas.
ONESOURCE has proven to stand out as prominent and proficient in this sector of Security systems. Our Team of Experts blend innovations in sync with clients status and needs to provide more than any Access Control but a Solution to security through Access Control.

Intruder Detection System
Worries about intrusion by unauthorized personnel?
An  intruder  detection  system  is  your perfect answer designed  to  ensure  the  detection  of,  and assist in  the  apprehension  of  intruders.    An intruder’s best  opportunities arise  when  the  building  is  unoccupied  –  at  night,  at  weekends  and  during holidays.    At these times of   greatest vulnerability, electronic security measures tend come into play.
ONESOURCE in line with our Manufacturers turn such situation to a mirage through the provision of an Intruder Detection Solutions that enables the client proper and maximum control to the accessibility of his facility.

Public Address System
ONESOURCE over the years has been designing and installing Public Address System of varying degree and therefore possess extensive experience and technical expertise in the selection and application of available equipment.

Communication & Structured Cabling System
In today's business world, reliable and efficient access to information has become an important asset in the quest to achieve a competitive advantage.
The ONESOURCE Team have hands on experience in installing, configuring and supporting systems such as 3Com, Cisco, Motorola, Microsoft, Ericson, Panasonic, Siemens, Cabletron, Compaq, Novell, Lucent Technologies. All in bid to provide and satisfy that unique need for our varying clients.

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